Chasing the Rainbow

Experiences and stories from my time as a Work & Traveller in Canada

This website is dedicated to everything concerning my time abroad as a Work & Traveller in Canada - the places I visit, the things I do and, hopefully, also some things about my motivation that got me there plus the process around it.

Latest Posts

My first Thanksgiving

On the second Monday of October Thanksgiving is celebrated in Canada.

Puppy watch in the madhouse

Shortly after my arrival another puppy litter was born - and watching puppies is a full-time job

Seven Pines Ranch

Seven Pines Ranch is a Working Ranch, where they not only breed cattle, but also dogs and Shetland ponies.

Eagles gotta fly

With the days getting shorter I switch from La Reata to Seven Pines Ranch in British Columbia.

Land of Living Skies

Like the USA, all the provinces in Canada also have a kind of title, which you can find among other places on car licence plates. Saskatchewan's title is: Land of Living Skies.


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