Chasing the Rainbow

Experiences and stories from my time as a Work & Traveller in Canada

This website is dedicated to everything concerning my time abroad as a Work & Traveller in Canada - the places I visit, the things I do and, hopefully, also some things about my motivation that got me there plus the process around it.

Latest Posts

Wild West Quarantine

Like all travellers to Canada I also had to spend my first two weeks in quarantine.

A voyage on the lake...

With the neighbours we take a relaxing day off to spend on the lake.

Travelling during Corona times

Corona makes travelling both easier and a lot more complicated.

La Reata Ranch

The first part of my time in Canada, including my quarantine, I will spend at La Reata, a storybook Ranch.

The Eagle has Landed

Three months later than originally planned I have now finally reached Canada.


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