Chasing the Rainbow

Experiences and stories from my time as a Work & Traveller in Canada

This website is dedicated to everything concerning my time abroad as a Work & Traveller in Canada - the places I visit, the things I do and, hopefully, also some things about my motivation that got me there plus the process around it.

Latest Posts

Trip to the Chun T'oh Whudujut Park

The after the ride along the Dore River, Ben and I went out to visit the Ancient Forest Park close to us.

Trip along the Dore River

With another helper we used a beautiful Saturdaay for a little joyride.

Roadtrip to Kamloops

To get the first bunch of puppies to their new owners, Leah and I went on a short trip to Kamloops.

Moving Cattle from the Summer Pasture

With the beginning of the cold season the cattle is brought home to the winter pasture.

My first Thanksgiving

On the second Monday of October Thanksgiving is celebrated in Canada.


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